High Risk Terminations

THE BILYEU GROUP, LLC will work directly with Human Resources, your Security Department and Law Enforcement, if necessary, during any employee termination that you deem necessary, or consider has high-risk for violence or abuse.

Prior to any termination action, THE BILYEU GROUP will review the employee’s job performance record, and if necessary, conduct an updated background investigation and threat assessment.

If the particular employee has had abusive verbal or violent tendencies in the past with fellow co-workers or supervisors, the professionals at THE BILYEU GROUP can assist in the termination process.

Additionally, we can provide “peace of mind” during lower risk terminations, company downsizing, or strikes. Pending the situation, we have trained professionals ready to protect the workplace and employees throughout a potentially volatile time period.

THE BILYEU GROUP, LLC also provides Workplace Violence Training to both management and employees.

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