Protest Response Security

A protest is defined as a reaction to events, situations, or a cause by motivated groups or individuals; sometimes in favor, but more often opposed. Protesters may organize a demonstration as a way of making their opinions heard in attempt to influence public opinion or government policy.

THE BILYEU GROUP provides an immediate response to protests at the Corporate Workplace or at residential locations. Our professionals provide 24/7 coverage while maintaining the safety and security of specific individuals or locations. We generate detailed reports, employ electronic devices to capture evidence that may be utilized for future prosecution, monitor all immediate areas and document any suspicious persons or activity.

Protesters may target specific persons or locations. Acts of aggression such as assault, vandalism, or sabotage are common. Some radical protests have even ended in death. THE BILYEU GROUP works directly with local law enforcement to ensure your full protection as well as to share intelligence.

The ultimate goal of a protester is to gain some type of reaction from the targeted location or person. It is highly likely that the protesters will be videotaping or photographing its gathering and often post their documentaries on Activist’s websites or “YouTube” upon completion. This can lead to unwanted publicity for your company, parent companies, sponsors, financial or funding institutions, etc., and its employees.

Protesting at residential locations can be an ongoing effort by disruptive groups. They can assemble multiple times, any day of the week, and can intrude upon a variety of locations. This not only frustrates the targeted individual, it also affects their immediate family and neighbors. Typically, the protesters will arrive in groups wearing masks and bandanas to shield their appearance. They will utilize bullhorns and scream obscenities in attempts to get their point across to anyone that may be listening. This is a public nuisance and may be considered stalking or even domestic terrorism.

If your company, or employees, has experienced issues with protesters, you understand the severity of this problem. It is essential to quickly employ a qualified team of individuals such as THE BILYEU GROUP that are experienced in handling this type of activity.

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