Celebrity & VIP Protection Services

THE BILYEU GROUP, LLC provides personal protection, both armed and unarmed to:
  • Diplomats
  • Journalists
  • Entertainers
  • Celebrities
  • Athletes
  • Religious and Political figures

We utilize highly trained male and female agents which are comprised from Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement, the United States Military, and Corporate Security.

We will also provide protective details during special events (promotional, press conferences, book signings, movie premieres, etc), and will serve as Security Escorts and Drivers.

We will be the primary liaison with local law enforcement during such events and develop contingency emergency medical preparation, evacuation routes, etc.

We also provide Security Escorts & Drivers which can include Armored Vehicles if necessary, as well as utilizing K-9 Bomb detection. Our objective is to maintain the complete safety and security for each individual.

During Celebrity and VIP Travel, we will generate detailed intelligence to the client’s destinations to include full Threat Assessments and Advisories to each country of visitation. We gain vital information on a daily basis concerning terrorist and kidnapping activities and the most up to date crime statistics.

Read Security Tips for Travel Abroad.

In a world of uncertainties and global travel, the need for professional protective agents has become a necessity. The professionals at THE BILYEU GROUP, LLC can alleviate many of these concerns.

Please contact THE BILYEU GROUP today.

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