Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
What Is TSCM?

THE BILYEU GROUP’s TSCM Survey Team is a service provided by qualified personnel to detect the presence of active and passive technical surveillance devices (e.g., audio and/or video transmitters) and hazards, and to identify technical security weaknesses that could aid in the conduct of a technical penetration of the surveyed facility.

Our TSCM survey will provide a professional evaluation of the facilities technical security posture, and will consist of a thorough visual, electronic, and physical examination in and about the designated premises.

Why Would I Need These Types Of Services?

Private individuals do not spend nearly one billion dollars a year and then not put this equipment to use. The U.S. Department of State estimates that there are over 700,000 eavesdropping devices sold each year. Over 6,500 incidents of industrial espionage occur in the United States each year with an average economic impact of $1.25 million. The American Society for Industrial Security estimates that Economic and Industrial Espionage cost Fortune 1000 Companies over $53 billion dollars in 2001.

If you or your company harbor information such as trade secrets, intellectual property, and contract negotiations deemed valuable to a business competitor or an extortionist, or you are involved in litigation, mergers and acquisition or labor relations you have information valuable to others. In reality, anyone with power or money is at risk.

What Is Involved In A TSCM Sweep?

Sweeps are normally completed in two or three days and usually conducted during the night. This is because of the sensitive nature of the activity and not to alarm or disrupt the day-to-day activities of the workplace. A typical TSCM sweep involves numerous pieces of electronic test equipment and computer devices. Usually the threat target includes specified key individuals within the company and oftentimes these individuals are targeted beyond the workplace. As a result, it may be necessary to include vehicles, cellular telephones, computer equipment, alarm systems, and residences of these individuals.

If you suspect that you are the target of a surveillance operation, you should contact a TSCM professional immediately. It is extremely important for you to NOT contact the TSCM professional from your home or office computer, telephone or cell phone. Contact should be made well beyond any targeted area so as not to alert any eavesdropper of preparations.

Warning Signs That Could Indicate Possible Intrusion:

  • Confidential or Sensitive information is known by competitors such as financial reports, legal issues, etc.
  • Strange noise, sounds, or interference on the Radio, Telephone or TV.
  • Items misplaced in an office or desk, or objects redirected such as a clock, light, or furniture; ceiling tile appears to have been moved or replaced.
  • Locks on doors, desks, and filing cabinets appear difficult to open.
  • Individuals or groups showing up at meeting sites with no reason to be there – individuals who appear “out of place”.
  • Electrical wall plates appear to be tampered with.
  • Unknown Repair or Service Technicians mysteriously arrive at office or residence.
  • Items in personal or company vehicles that have appeared to be tampered with; or the vehicle has been broken into or vandalized.
  • Unusual vehicles appear to be spending above normal amount of time outside the facility or residence.
  • Residential or Office burglary, but nothing appears to be stolen.


As this ever-changing industry of technology and electronics become available, you must consider the rippling effects this could have toward your company and daily operations.

Does your company have a policy regarding technical matters?

If so, is it updated on a regular basis?

The professionals at THE BILYEU GROUP will provide quality and sound expertise surrounding this issue, and provide the most up-to-date equipment to penetrate the security hazard at hand.

Please contact THE BILYEU GROUP today.

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